Unmanageable debts have many California residents on the brink of Bankruptcy
Last month 31,000 reached out for help
“I’m scared we won’t get out of the $37,000 hole we’re in. If the economy gets worse and things fall apart, I don’t know what we’ll do.”
“All I think about is money these days. I'm paying the minimums on so many credit cards and it’s not going down.”
“My business took a big hit and now I almost don’t make enough money to feed my 4 kids. We can’t afford to keep this debt much longer.”
“I barely have money to keep a roof over my head, especially with what's going on now. Getting out of debt without help feels impossible to me.”
“I'm so used to being told that there’s no help for me. It makes me scared to talk about my debt. But I know i need help.”
“If I file bankruptcy, to me, that's like life beat me. I believe in paying back what I owe.”
“I need to do something different because I don’t want to leave my debt to my kids. They’re what’s most important to me.”
Most didn't know which debts qualified for help or what their options were