How Does It Work?

Typically debt relief works by combining multiple debts into one lower monthly payment or even reducing the amount of debts owed. Watch this quick video to learn what happens.

Common Questions and Concerns

After serving more than 12 million CA residents who needed help, we answered these questions and concerns, such as:

March's Stories
of Hope

Get inspired! Watch these videos of people who have overcome hardships and have taken action.

Stages of Debt

Is debt relief right for you? How much debt do you need to get help? Is bankruptcy my only option? Check out this simple tool that can help identify what type of relief options are available that fit your specific needs.

We've served over 12 million people in debt.

Who we're helping today.

$20,000 relief request from Erwin, NC
$31,000 relief request from Framingham, MA
$20,000 relief request from Lansing, MI
$25,000 relief request from Northridge, CA
$100,000 relief request from Beaverton, OR
$18,500 relief request from Indianapolis, IN
$100,000 relief request from Chicago, IL
$20,000 relief request from North Hollywood, CA
$7,500 relief request from San Jose, CA
$20,000 relief request from Selinsgrove, PA

In the last 30 days we've served...

California residents looking for debt relief options, with...
total dollars of reported debt.

Average Credit Card Debt in America

(Sample size: 228,005)

Los Angeles$24,653
San Jose$24,568
San Diego$26,347
San Francisco$27,815
South Pasadena$26,363

Statistics from surveys gathered by

Debt Relief Programs for America Residents

Relief from credit card and other unsecured debts.

Our Purpose is Fueled by Our Personal Experience

“Helping people overcome debt, take their life back and get back to what matters is our passion. We understand what it feels like because we've experienced this burden ourselves.”
—Walter Burch Jr.